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Project Funders at Bryan Elementary School

In 2013, the Coeur d’Alene community participated in the CDA 2030 visioning project. One of the strategies identified in the CDA 2030 visioning project implementation plan states, “The Coeur d’Alene area school system will be recognized as among the best in the nation: known for its innovation, well-trained teachers, demanding curricula, exceptional literacy and culturally and globally aware graduates.” 

In 2015, Inland Northwest Community Foundation convened Coeur d’Alene stakeholders to discuss how to support the community in achieving a higher standard of literacy.  As a result of these meetings, a group of five funders committed $600,000 for a three-year grant to create an innovative local approach to addressing the literacy needs of children in Coeur d’Alene Public Schools. 

An invitation was extended to University of Idaho Coeur d’Alene to submit a comprehensive proposal coordinating project activity with the Coeur d’Alene School District, UI researchers, and with community organizations dedicated to achieving this goal. The proposal, addressing this scope of work as the Coeur d’Alene Early Reading Project, was endorsed by the funder group and approved by Inland Northwest Community Foundation’s Board on March 9, 2017.    

Opening Books, Opening Doors launched on May 25, when initiative funders announced the $600,000 grant award to University of Idaho to carry out the Coeur d’Alene Early Reading Project.  Reading program activities with the Coeur d’Alene School District and community partner organizations were get underway in the summer 2017.